Youngsters are stealing our glasses chain granny swag

Last Updated on May 8, 2023 by Kristen

glasses chainJudith Maria Bradley wearing a Frame Chain glasses chain

Young women are prancing around music festivals and commuting to work with their sunglasses (or regular glasses) attached to stylish chain necklaces like the whole thing was their idea. And OK, fine. Those eyeglass chains look cool, even if wearing it in the front is kind of doing it wrong.

But let’s just say it out loud that glasses chains were the elder set’s thing first? Because we need reading glasses. And we need to put them on take them off put them on take them off put them on take them off repeat 500 times every damn day.

How many times a day you need to take off those cute sunnies? Once or twice? I’m just saying.

Also, retailers, take some pictures of models who have earned some lines on their faces. They are the ones buying the majority of your dang glasses chains.

Still, with the youth involved, that means there are more chic styles available than ever, and we can’t complain about that. So, without further ado, here are a few of our favorites for your shopping pleasure! Be sure to check out the ones with lemons, so cute.

rhinestone glasses chain

Diamante-finged glasses chain, $167

colorful eyeglass chain

Lele Sadoughi eyeglass cable chain, $75

This colorful chain is cheery enough to get us hyped for reading even the dyes emails.

fringe eyeglass chain

Nicky sunglass chain, $120

These certainly should not be relegated to use with sunglasses. glasses chain

KAI to handmade tortoiseshell reading glasses holder necklace, $14

These come in a bunch of colors including black, amber, tortoiseshell and white, and as noted above they look particularly amazing with thick glasses like those from Caddis.


clear eyeglass chain

The Book Club chunky eyewear chain, $20

These clear but chunky numbers are for those who are looking for an impossible vibe: subtly bold.

glasses chain

Shell-embellished gold-plated glasses chain, $135

These gold dipped seashells are a bohemian sophisticate’s dream.

eyeglass chain

Staud lemon sunglass chain, $75

When life gives you lemons, for instance realizing that you’re squinting to read your email, adorn your reading glasses with a cacophony of glass lemons and just try and stay in a bad mood.

sunglasses chain

J. Crew sunglasses chain, $40

This acetate chain is a slightly chunkier version than the others, and comes in fun colors including red, pink, and turquoise.







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