Why the F not: bright AF eyeliner

Last Updated on September 5, 2023 by Kristen

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I had gotten super lazy and kind of basic about my makeup. A few dabs of Ilia tinted serum, concealer, eyebrow pencil, and mascara were about it, unless I was feeling fancy and then I’d add cheeks and lips.

So this morning when I was cleaning out my mess of a makeup cabinet and found a blue eyeliner pencil, I decided to be ruthlessly Kon Mari. Did this little blue eyeliner spark joy? I decided the answer was no and chucked it.

And this is the problem with me and Kon Mari: Now all I can think about is that blue eyeliner.

Happily, colorful eyeliner is readily available online in pretty much any hue you can imagine. And even through I’ve historically been a minimal makeup type, I’ve recently found that a swipe of color across the eyelid can be a whole lot of fun. And while liquid eyeliner can be kind of intimidating, eye pencils are more forgiving. If you goof, just smudge it in.

With all of that in mind, I’ve collected some waterproof eyeliners for you to peruse—waterproof because I find as I get older, it’s increasingly more difficult to keep makeup in place and I’m guessing I’m not alone, what with hot flashes in heavy rotation, not to mention unexpected skin changes. I hope you find something you love!

19/99 Beauty is my favorite beauty brand launch this year. While some brands have embraced age inclusiveness recently, this one had the concept front and center from the get go. I’ve tried this liner and it stays put all day long. Plus, it’s multi-use, so it’s great as a single product that you can throw in your bag and get the most bang for your buck. I wrote about them for Forbes if you’d like to learn more!

The Lagoon hue in this collection of Makeup Forever Aqua XL waterproof eye pencils ($24) is so pretty. Check out the nine other colors, too!

colorful eye pencils

I’m obsessed with the greens in this collection of Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On eye pencils ($25). And the gold!

You can’t beat the price point or the variety of colors available in this Maybelline Tattoo Studio gel pencil ($8). Layer one of the bright shades with black, or wear it on its own.

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