21 big design ideas for your tiny bathroom

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Mr. blow wallpaper
Photo via Abnormals Anonymous

The bathroom—it’s that one room where, even if you have children, you lock the door behind you and have at least a chance at being alone with your thoughts (or your iPhone). Or it’s where your guests are isolated from whatever gathering you’ve orchestrated, left to ponder who you and your family are and what you represent. No pressure.

Luckily, the bathroom—particularly a small one—is the perfect place to experiment with the big design ideas you’ve been pondering but were perhaps too timid or pressed for time to execute. Bold colors and crazy patterns are well contained in a small bathroom. And it’s less daunting to redecorate if you find you’ve made a terrible mistake.

Plus, if the decor is interesting enough, your guests may not be tempted to snoop in your medicine cabinet.

Here are some ideas for making your tiny bathroom interesting with wallpaper, mirrors, color, tile, and art.


There is no end to the interesting wallpaper you can find to spruce up any room. But installation can be daunting. Luckily, a tiny bathroom means less expense and less time getting it on the wall. And if you’re really non-committal, there are lots of removable decal wallpaper designs that look just as chic as the real thing. Get more ideas here, here and here.

pufferfish wallpaper
Photo via Abnormals Anonymous
Angela Tafoya bathroom
Photo via Lonny
West Elm pink wallpaper
Photo via West Elm


Whether you place a smattering of small plants around your bathroom, hang some from the ceiling, or go nuts with foliage in every corner, the bathroom is one place your plants will thrive while giving the room life.

Shop online for plants here, here, and here.

Statement mirror

The vanity mirror doesn’t have to be a simple circle or rectangle. And it doesn’t have to be called a vanity mirror to be used as one. Place virtually any mirror above your sink to make a statement in your home’s smallest room.

Find more statement mirrors here, here, and here


The bathroom is a fun place to experiment with a gallery—show off that thrift store find, display framed poster art, or share family snapshots.

expansive gallery wall small bathroom
Photo via White Cabana
small bathroom framed posters
Photo via AirBnB

Shop wall art here, here, and here.

Experiment with black

We know the old saying that black makes everything look smaller, but that happens to not be true when it’s used wisely in a tiny bathroom, as the following examples illustrate.

Ann Sacks graphic floor tile bathroom
Photo via Ann Sacks

House of Brinson One Room Challenge BathroomPhoto via House of Brinson


Tile is a natural fit for a bathroom, and with Heath Ceramics, Fireclay, and Ann Sacks creating incredibly gorgeous offerings, the possibilities are endless.

Photo via Heath Ceramics
Green 60s style tile small bathroom
Photo via Sweeten

Shop tile here, here, and here.

Go Wild!

If you’re gonna do it, do it in your tiny bathroom! Experiment with paint, color, textures, decor, and whatever else strikes your fancy.

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