Mean Reads: Getting rid of menopause, makeup after 50, rich older women

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Sandy Litner
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A guide to ageless makeup for women over 50—Vogue

Seven books to guide you through menopause—The New York Times

10 healthy foods to eat during menopause—Real Simple

CNN wants you to share your menopause story—CNN

Gwyneth Paltrow can’t deal with menopause—PopSugar

What if we could get rid of menopause?—WSJ (subscription required)

More U.S. companies are starting to talk about menopause—Time

Do hormone treatments for menopause increase dementia risk?—The New York Times

Rates of binge drinking among middle-aged women are up—UPI

What TV gets right about rich older women, according to the Real Housewives—WSJ (subscription required)

Women face age bias at work no matter how old they are—CBS Money Watch

Finding happiness in middle age (a reading list)—The Atlantic


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