Watching these how-to videos for winged eyeliner gives me so much anxiety

Last Updated on March 5, 2020 by Kristen

mature skin winged eyeliner

Photo via Stung by Samantha on Instagram

I adore a cat-eye a la Sophia Loren. That is, I adore witnessing the look on others. But I’ve never been able to achieve the look myself, which has sent me down many how-to video rabbit holes hoping that one will be my winged-eyeliner Rosetta Stone.

What typically happens is I decide to try to learn this most-challenging—and all of these YouTubers seem to agree that it really is one of the hardest looks to achieve when it comes to makeup—minutes before I’m scheduled to arrive at an event, which leads to intense anxiety, ruining whatever makeup I’ve already applied, and usually a hot flash or three.

But it’s good to know it’s not just me. Take Samantha of Stung by Samantha, for instance. She is *really good* at makeup, and even she is sweating by the end of her tutorial—which, by the way, is very much worth watching until the end not just for her technique but also for her on-point rant about age appropriate-ness.

What it all means is I’ve watched a whole lot of winged eyeliner videos, and these are the six best I’ve found for mature and/or hooded eyes. They give me hope that maybe, one day, I, too, can rock a Sophia Loren cat-eye.

If you’re ready to rock a bold wing every damn day.


If you like using an eyeliner pencil, but aren’t afraid to try out a liquid pen liner if necessary.

If you’re into optical illusions.

If liquid liner is intimidating AF.

If you’re ready to make the cat-eye part of a full eye makeup look.

If you want your eye color to pop.


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