Mean Reads: Be a Lady They Said, what’s really holding women back, the tyranny of niceness

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Be a Lady video girls girls girls

[Image: still from Be a Lady They Said on Vimeo]

Introducing Forbes 50 over 50 [Forbes]

Fighting the tyranny of ‘niceness:’ why we need difficult women [The Guardian]

Video starring Cynthia Nixon about pressures of being a woman goes viral [CNN]

The woman behind Cynthia Nixon’s viral video [The Guardian]

The original ‘Be a Lady’ poem by Camille Rainville [Writings of a Furious Woman]

It’s time to start talking about menopause at work [Harvard Business Review]

Yelp now lets you search for women-owned businesses [CNET]

Women in Mexico are urged to disappear for daylong national strike [The New York Times]

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called women’s inequality “stupid” and a cause for global shame [MSN]

The true story of the first woman to finish special forces training [The New York Times Magazine]

As the first female Green Beret approaches graduation, a note that women in special ops is nothing new [Military Times]

Is menopause the last taboo for women in the law? [Law]

Federal civil rights report: women in prison receive harsher punishments than men [NPR]

More exhausted women are hiring ‘household managers’ [The Boston Globe]

What’s really holding women back? [Harvard Business Review]

What really held women back was the crushing culture of overwork at the firm. The unnecessarily long hours were detrimental to everyone, we explained, but they disproportionately penalized women because, unlike men, many of them take accommodations, which exact a steep career price.

Success tips every woman in leadership should know [Forbes]

A program for getting women on male-dominated boards [Yahoo Finance (video)]

The Supreme Court could place an impossible burden on women fighting for abortion rights [Mother Jones]

Women are running faster than ever [The New York Times]

They saw themselves in Elizabeth Warren. What do they see now? [The New York Times]

Comeback career advice for women over 50 [Forbes]





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