8 ways to find joy in your home office

Last Updated on March 25, 2020 by Kristen

wood desk Home office

Photo by Roberto Nickson

Guys, most of us on in for the long haul when it comes to working from our home office. So we might as well make it pretty, or at least functional. A new rug, a fresh carafe of water, a nice new journal, a new set of pens, or a comfy chair can be worth a small investment to make the next several weeks (months? 😭) of social distancing a little more tolerable.

home office rug

Revival Rugs Alysa Persian rugs, $273

Everyone knows a rug can really pull a room together. These are not only beautiful, but are more affordable because Revival cuts out the middle man.

west elm white shelf desk

Parsons open shelves desk, $279

If working from home is new to you—and if you’re hoping it will soon be but a memory—this desk can be used as a side table or shelving once you go back to the office.

Molly Hatch notebook journal

Molly Hatch Make It Happen Notebook, $12

Buy a pretty, calming new journal to write down your to-dos and all the feelings.

pretty pen set

Ban.do Write On pen set in Coming Up Roses, $14

Just the right pen can make or break the meaningfulness of a journal entry, to-do list, or great American novel.

Tina Frey gold carafe

Tina Frey Designs carafe, $221

Keep water at the ready in a gorgeous vessel.

pink office chair

Philipsburg task chair from Wayfair, $295

Make sure your desk chair is not only comfortable but also cute. I like mine without arms so it’s easier to sit crisscross applesauce on occasion. It also comes in gray and mint.

sustainabar bar lotion

Sustainabar Bloom lotion bar, $6

Make sure you have some lotion handy for soft skin despite compulsive hand washing. And this one comes with no nasty plastic bottle. Also check out their dish soap and shampoo!

Pauline Wolstencroft ceramic dish

Grey Sun Dish by Pauline Wolstencroft, $45

Since Sustainabar lotion doesn’t come in a bottle, you may want to place it on this beautiful handmade plate. I know I do.

home office design

And if you’re ready for a whole new look, redecorate virtually with Decorist. Design and chat online with a designer to come up with an arrangement that might make social distancing your new favorite thing.

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