Podcast #8: All the feelings about gray hair with Lizzie Bermudez

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woman with gray curly hair

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Emmy award winning journalist Lizzie Bermudez was kind enough to join me for another conversation about being 50-something—this time we discussed gray hair. There’s a movement on social media where women are finding support around ditching the dye, and it’s wonderful to witness. But Lizzie and I aren’t quite ready to go there—we remain admirers of these brave ladies who are paving the way for the rest of us.

Hair is super personal and complicated and fraught. For me, it’s become a security blanket that I hide behind a little too often. And everyone knows women are judged by their appearance 1000% more than men are, so going gray and presenting as what many will immediately label “old lady” ain’t easy, even though old ladies are f-ing awesome.

In this episode we talk about what holds us back from going completely gray, from our own deeply ingrained assumptions and insecurities to our fear about what a gray head of hair would mean for work (especially for someone in TV!) and how our families will react. Also below check out some of the resources and groups we mention in the talk. I hope you enjoy!

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as well as this podcast with Angelina Rennel in which she talks about her thought process before going gray.

Audio editing by Sofija Jovanov

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  1. Gaia Girardelli
    May 7, 2020 / 9:20 am

    Nice Podcast! I am part of the pioneer ladies who ditched the hair dye about 4 years ago. I an now 51 years old and have medium brown hair with silver streaks. I was SO fed up with my salon appointments, of the precious TIME wasted sitting on that chair just for the sake of colouring my hair. And also a little “pissed off” with the social belief that men can go gray and women shouldn’t (just as you said).
    My transition was to only get highlights for a few years then just stop those too and just let them grow out along with my natural colour.
    As you rightly said it is an extreamely personal decision, you need to feel ready, you must truly WANT it. Beacuse believe me social pressure is still rowing against this. Grey is still associated with “old”. But you cannot believe the FREEDOM I now feel. The pride in knowing my self-worth regardless of my hair colour. Getting off the rat race comparing a 50 YO to a 30. I am not 30. I am 50 and very proud of my experience, my life, my wrinkes and YES my hair. Thank you ladies.

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