Podcast #11: How this O.G. self-care author finally learned to be kind to herself

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Jennifer Lauden

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For this week’s podcast I interview author Jennifer Louden, whose most recent book, “Why Bother,” will be published on April 21. Louden was one of the earliest self-care authors who published her first book, “The Woman’s Comfort Book” in 1992. She has since publshed eight books.

But the one coming out next week, “Why Bother,” she says, is the culmination of her life’s work.

It took Louden 11 years to solidify the concept and finally write “Why Bother.” So to say that it’s a bummer that she’s publishing it—self-publishing it, by the way—during the coronavirus pandemic is the understatement of the year.

But in our conversation, she tells me she’s letting go of her plans to promote the book. Most of them won’t happen. That’s not to say she hasn’t had some good cries, but she says she’s at peace with releasing a book in the time of coronavirus, and finding creative ways (like doing lots of podcasts) to get the word out.

I have a feeling the lack of a book tour will not prevent “Why Bother” from being successful. The book is extremely engaging, practical, real, and kind.

It’s also a brave book for several reasons. For one, it’s personal. She tells the story of her own struggle with depression and wondering why she should bother. For a long time, she was a self-help guru who was not taking her own good advice.

She also tells the story of how she and her husband almost didn’t get married because of her fear and uncertainty around intimacy.

And she shares the story of her experience of being on Oprah, which had me so on edge I almost couldn’t take it.

Louden’s writing about how to feel satisfied with life—or at least the direction it’s heading—really resonated with me. I’ve already put into use many of the suggestions in the book. If you’ve ever had that “Why Bother” feeling—like you’re too old, not smart enough, not good enough, what’s the point?… it’s a must read. Even if you haven’t had precisely that feeling, the book is helpful for anyone who wants to connect with their desire and make moves toward getting what you want.

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