Mean Reads: Why the coronavirus pandemic needs gender equality, best hoodies, how Gen X does menopause

Last Updated on April 10, 2020 by Kristen

woman at home coronavirus

Photo by CDC

America’s coronavirus response must center on women, and the Black Plague shows how [NBC News]

In NYC, coronavirus is killing men at twice the rate of women [The New York Times]

Of course Gen X is doing menopause differently [InStyle]

‘The Better Half’ by Sharon Moalem review – on the genetic superiority of women [The Guardian]

Women are losing more jobs in coronavirus shutdown [NPR]

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird on COVID-19’s affect on women’s sports [WBUR]

‘The woman in Michigan’ goes national [Politico]

Lockdown means millions of women lose access to birth control [Time]

The 19 best hoodies and sweatshirts according to Vogue editors [Vogue]

Italian artist pays homage to pandemic’s heroic women [Washington Post]

U.N.: Women suffering more during COVID-19 pandemic [Newsday]

Women are on the frontline of the coronavirus fight, and we should all remember that [The National]

Does this photograph show women wearing ‘flu masks’? [Snopes]

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