Podcast #10: Debra Szidon on her 70s-inspired handbag brand Cass Clutch, and the shock of turning 50

Last Updated on October 10, 2020 by Kristen

Debra Szidon, The Cass Clutch founder

This week I speak with Debra Szidon, the multi-talented founder of a super-chic line of luxury handbags, The Cass Clutch. She also has an interior design business called Cocoon Home.

In the podcast, she talks about being pulled in two directions by her disparate ventures, and how moving her family away from the S.F. Bay Area to Lake Tahoe gave her focus. We also discuss vintage cars, being a Jersey girl, turning 50, and how 9/11 contributed to shuttering her storefront back in 2001—and how the mood feels similar to today’s coronavirus pandemic. 

Stay tuned for next week when I interview Bells & Becks founder Tamar Miller, who gave up a high-powered executive position at Gap to launch her own shoe brand.

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Audio editing by Sofija Jovanov

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