Mean reads: #norushchallenge; women and Covid-19; coronavirus abortion ban

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It seems like the only thing to read about is coronavirus these days, and it’s kind of true. But hopefully this list provides a few women-in-the-news items that weren’t already on your newsfeed.

76+ women entrepreneurs to support from a distance [Forbes, full disclosure, written my me]

Why stay at home orders might be good for gender equality [Forbes]

How to prevent coronavirus from taking a bigger toll on women entrepreneurs [Forbes]

Does Covid-19 hit men and women differently? U.S isn’t keeping track, even though other countries are finding it kills more men than women, and that should guide vaccine development [The New York Times]

Flipping the senate is crucial this fall. These 8 women can make it happen [Refinery 29]

Malaysia’s government to women during lockdown: Don’t nag your husbands [NPR]

Malaysian government apologizes [Forbes]

Workplace rules in Japan banned women from wearing eyeglasses on the job–hopefully thanks to Business Insider’s reporting that will change [Business Insider]

Men wash their hands much less than women and that matters more than ever [CNN]

7 leadership lessons men can learn from women [Harvard Business review]

U.S. women’s open postponed until December [The New York Times]

Feisty. Ambitious. Lucky. Female writers on the words that undermine women [NPR]

Coronavirus may deny 9.5 million women access to daily planning [The Guardian]

How women at NIH’s research hospital lost chances and childbearing [Science]

Black women are getting super glam for the #dontrushchallenge, and, wow, remember makeup? [Buzzfeed News]

Why I’m celebrating women in lockdown who get dressed up with nowhere to go [The Guardian]

In some states women are being turned away for abortions because of coronavirus bans [NPR]

Women are using codewords in pharmacies during lockdown [CNN]

“Don’t let us die.” Women in custody plead for release amid coronavirus pandemic [CBS News]

The 20 funniest tweets from women this week [HuffPost]

Texas women forced to travel 20 time further under coronavirus ban [The Hill]

Gender divide: Peru, Panama limit men and women days out to stall virus [The Jakarta Post]

Fourth inmate at Virginia women’s prison diagnosed with Covid-19 [Richmond Times Dispatch]

“I refuse to be repentant.” The woman challenging Uganda’s ruler [The New York Times]


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