Podcast #9 is live with Andy Schine, a writing coach who swims daily in the freezing Pacific Ocean in a bikini

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Andi Shine, ocean swimmer and writing coach

I’m so excited to introduce you to ocean swimmer Andy Schine. We met in Wini Linguvic’s yoga class in our home town of Pacifica, California about a year ago, and I could tell right away I liked Andy and hoped we’d become friends. Truth be told that’s partly why I lured her to my home to do this interview (before social distancing was fully in place).

Not only does she have the best curly hair and a cool girl vibe that’s also somehow super friendly, she swims in the Pacific Ocean. Every chance she gets. Without a wetsuit. In a bikini! I shiver just thinking about it.

Swimming in the ocean is a scary thing to do. But how she feels afterwards, Andy explains, makes it more than worth the fear and discomfort, which after years and years she still experiences every time she stands on the beach and ponders stepping in the water. She also talks about some other scary things she’s done, including home birth, leaving a secure job as a teacher to break out on her own as a kids’ writing coach, turning 50, or a really hard yoga class. I hope you enjoy the podcast!!

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Audio editing by Sofija Jovanov

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