Mean Reads: Women leaders handling coronavirus; gender roles under SIP; Zoom interruptions

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Jacinda Ardem

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What do countries with the best coronavirus responses have in common? Women leaders [Forbes]

Women living alone during coronavirus [Washington Post, subscription required]

Trans women have always been prepared for the apocalypse [Paper]

Women at the frontlines of COVID-19 may be starting the gender role reversal of a lifetime [Forbes]

Did gender keep democratic women from winning the primary? [NPR]

Female world leaders are handling coronavirus ‘in a really impressive manner,’ experts say [USA Today]

Annual Women in Data Science conference discusses ‘fake news’ [MIT News]

The 20 funniest tweets from women this week [HuffPo]

It’s not just you: In online meetings, many women can’t get a word in [The New York Times]

Remembering the first woman to fly solo around the world [Al Jazeera]

Women are working hard to elect Joe Biden; here’s what we should get in return [Refinery 20]

Judge rules it’s illegal for women to go topless becaue breast are unpalatable [LGBT Nation]

Ruth B. Mandel, champion of women in politics, dies at 81 [Washington Post, subscription required]

To beat the virus, Colombia tries separating men and women [The New York Times]

Goldman duped women into giving up right to sue, lawyers say [Bloomberg]

Philly’s women and minority-owned businesses say they’re getting the shaft on emergency coronavirus loans [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

As the lockdown bites, it’s women who are taking the strain [The Guardian]

Inmates at N.J. women’s prison endured years of sex abuse, Justice Dept. finds [The New York Times]


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