Mean Reads: More JLO; Boko Haram survivors; women’s soccer controversy; lots more

Last Updated on March 13, 2020 by Kristen

Jennifer Lopez, JLO

JLO performs in Paris in 2012. Olivier Chareyre / CC BY

Gender study finds 90% of people are biased agains women [BBC]

The women who defied Boko Haram, and survived [The New York Times]

Can women really look like Jennifer Lopez at 50? [WSJ]

Great films directed by women: Mississippi Masala by Mira Nair [The Stranger]

U.S. soccer claims it won’t pay women equally because being a male player requires more skill [CNN]

Women’s national team hides U.S. Soccer logo during anthem in protest [NBC News]

Head of U.S. soccer resigns amid pay dispute with women’s national team [NPR]

What it’s like being a ‘leftover’ woman [The Atlantic]

Women with career gaps are being tapped for talent pool [Axios]

Why women face greater risk of catching coronavirus [The New York Times]

How coronavirus hits women [Politico]

Meet members and founder of Chief, an organization to help women business leaders [Today]

Women are changing the face under hardhats on construction jobs [ABC Cincinnati]

Women go on strike nationwide in Mexico to protest violence [The New York Times]

When surgery becomes ‘women’s work:’ The devaluation of gynecologic specialities [STAT]

The most important promotion a woman gets is the first one [CNBC]

Trump’s war on the concept of women’s health [Foreign Policy]

Women leaders demand female VP pick from Dem nominee [Politico]

The woman helping Hollywood shoot safer sex scenes [BBC]

Democrats eye a vice-presidential consolation prize for women [The New York Times]

These are the faces of Muslim women throughout history [The New York Times]

20 amazing women in science and math [LiveScience]

Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Get Z labels: Necessary or nonsense? [The Conversation]

Gen X denied a mortgage more than any other generation, study shows [Yahoo! Finance]





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