Episode 22: Two founders, 53 and 30, launch a sustainable fashion brand

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In this very special episode, and a Mean Show first, we have two guests this week. When I first conceived of this podcast, my idea was to bring together women from different generations who were in the same field. I imagined, for example, a Gloria Steinem and Emma Gonzalez together discussing feminism, or a baby boomer stem cell researcher with a millennial one. But that turned out to be easier said than done so I decided to focus on midlife women.

But as luck would have it, a pair of women came into my life who fulfill my multi-generational vision.

This power duo is Roz Kaur and Anhad Bhullar, the team behind a new sustainable fashion brand called House of Hindee. Roz is based in California and Anhad is in India, and Roz is Anhad’s aunt. Roz is also a stylist for Anthropologie, and she one of the most stylish 50-something women I’ve ever seen in my life (serously you guys check out her Instagram.)

I love this conversation so much; Anhad talks about trying to appeal to the TikTok set with a product that takes 8 months create.

Roz talks about the unique challenges that come with our relationship to fashion and style as we dive into middle age. Her incredible confidence and energy really comes through in this audio—I felt so inspired after we talked.

They both discuss their partnership, and how their different perspectives deepen their relationship and the value of their business. I hope you enjoy!

Audio editing by Sofija Jovanov.

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