Mean Reads: Suffrage’s 100th anniversary; Iran women’s podcast; Kamala!

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Kamala Harris

Photo by Phil Roeder

How Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris: A search that forged new stars, friends, and rivalries [The New York Times]

Trump promotes false ‘birther’ conspiracy about Kamala Harris [Business Insider]

The rise of Kamala Harris [WSJ]

Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, spent career breaking barriers [CNN]

What the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings reveal about Kamala Harris [Yahoo News]

Benevolent sexism: a feminist comic explains how it holds women back [The Guardian]

Women of the Century didn’t succeed despite diversity, but because of it [USA Today]

Women of the Century project [USA Today]

How queer women powered the suffrage movement [The New York Times]

A record number of women could be elected to the house in 2020 [Vox]

Black women with natural hairstyles are less likely to get ob interviews [CNN]

The women who fought against the vote [The New York Times]

Kamala Harris crystalizes Trump’s view of women [The New York Times]

How American’s view gender equality as the 19th Amendment turns 100 [Pew Research Center]

Equal pay for black women day is today, August 13. There’s a reason for that [CNN]

Democrat’s women leaders call out sexist news coverage of female vice presidential candidates [CNN]

How my great-grandmother lost citizenship the year women got the right to vote [The Washington Post]

A new wave of horror films about women’s deepest anxieties is perfect viewing for our summer of discontent [Time]

Hundreds of Peru women, girls gone missing during virus lockdown [Al Jazeera]

The ‘secession:’ why economic crisis is affecting women more than men [The Guardian]

Lockdown sees Turkish women bear brunt of unpaid work: research [NY Post]

An actual study asked: Are women with endometriosis hotter? [The Cut]

A record number of congressional races will be run between two women candidates this November [Forbes]

How to close the gender pay gap: solutions from Sheryl Sandberg, Kathy Matsui and more [Financial Times]

Women in Biden’s VP search face their first opponent: sexism [SF Chronicle]

Voting rights acts 55th anniversary: How black women led the movement [USA Today]

Iran women’s podcast gives voice to victims of abuse [BBC News]

The key to an inclusive recovery? Putting women in charge [The New York Times]

Double standard in women’s fashion trends [Yahoo]

The history of the women nominated for Vice President [CNN]

Why the women’s suffrage movement needs its ‘Mrs. America’ [Forbes]

Male dominated clinical trials have dangerously over-medicated women [ScienceAlert]

‘We can only help ourselves:’ Women in Belarus take protests into their own hands [The Guardian]




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