Mean Reads: the complicated #challengeaccepted; native women’s suffrage; pot for better sex

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native women suffrage

Empowerment selfies are burying a Turkish women’s rights campaign [KQED]

The complicated origins of Instagram’s #challengeaccepted [Vox]

Strong ratings boost momentum for women’s sports [Reuters]

In 1920, Native women sought the vote. Here’s what they seek now [The New York Times]

Study: Exposure to environmental chemicals may lead to sleep disorder in women [The Week]

Study: Women who use marijuana have better sex [Marijuana Moment]

Five novels challenge assumptions about women in midlife [Wall Street Journal]

Egypt’s women are rising up against sexual violence. Others are being jailed for Tik Toks [The Washington Post] [perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]U.S. women’s soccer and basketball earned strong television ratings as they returned after being put on hold due to COVID-19, helping to quell concern that the pandemic would undo progress made in women’s sports over the last year.[/perfectpullquote]

Study: some midlife weight gain is due to prescription medications [Everyday Health]

Midlife crisis, Gen X style: less running away, more running marathons [Sydney Morning Herald]

Five ways to sleep better during menopause [The Science Times]

Japanese men’s and women’s life expectancy stays in world top three [Kyodo News]

From our generation to yours: Thank you Louisville protesters, especially the women [Courier Journal]

How to be a male mentor to a woman in academia [Inside Higher Ed]

Midlife eating disorders in quarantine [Psych Central]

How women’s suffrage changed America far beyond the ballot box [The New York Times]

Women are in a terrible new bind [CNN]

Three women nominated for best director at VMAs and no-one had a co-director [Billboard]

Why black women are more likely to have fibroids than any other race group [CNN]

China’s war on women [CNN]

African women face two pandemics [Al Jazeera]

Indiana women’s prison forced sweat out pandemic lockdown [Science Friday]

Women have led the way in the COVID crisis, but what now for gender equality [The Telegraph]




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