Read this if you’re thinking about graduating from sweatpants

Last Updated on January 14, 2021 by Kristen

Monica Cordera pants on Naito Saori

Photo via Naito Saori on Instagram.

Don’t get me wrong, sweatpants have been the loves of my life since the pandemic began. Much of me still wants to wear exclusively sweatpants. But self-respect and mockery from various family members for wearing the same outfit every day of my life for 11 months is making me think it’s time for a change. Also to be addressed is the matter of not being able to fit into my pre-pandemic pants.

So I’m on the hunt for alternatives, and I’ve found some that are, frankly, getting me entirely too excited about pants at a time when we can’t really go anywhere. But it’s important to find a thrill where we can in these times.

maxi cotton pants Monica cordera

Monica Cordera pale gray cotton maxi cotton pants, $245

These drawstring, sustainable pants get me excited for a post-vaccine world but are also aligned with the coming weeks of Netflix chills and glamorous grocery store runs.

wool baggy pants

Harris wool baggy pants, $156 (down from $209)

These are a nice and toasty option for the cold winter ahead.

baggy velvet pants

Etro baggy fit trousers, $510 (were $850)

These velvet pants are soft and like sweatpants but fancier.

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