Podcast Episode 28: How yoga is caught, not taught

Last Updated on January 31, 2021 by Kristen

Wini Linguvic of The Elevate Practice

This week, we welcome back to The Mean show a previous guest, my beloved yoga instructor, Wini Linguvic, founder of The Elevate Practice. I wanted to invite her back because, well, she’s amazing.

Also, even though we are hopefully in the homestretch of this pandemic, we still likely have at least a few more months of doing mostly everything, including exercising, at home, and Wini knows how to make that work.

Quickly after the world began shutting down last March, Wini launched her online membership website, which you should definitely check out. You are fortunate that wherever you may be, you can access The Elevate Practice. It’s not like any other exercise membership site you’ll encounter for many reasons. Wini teaches with a clear curriculum in mind. She’s extremely thoughtful, always with the goal of making your body and mind feel and function better not just while you’re in class but long after you walk out of the studio.

But the number one takeaway at this moment in time is something that Wini talks about a lot in the podcast: we can’t expect exercise, or anything else for that matter, to be something it’s not. It can’t be during a pandemic.

And let’s look for the opportunity in that. Let’s not try to force it to be what it was like before, because it’s not. She has a lot to say about how we can make a yoga practice really work during these extremely unusual times.

She also talks about what makes a great teacher, how yoga can be caught rather than taught, the plusses of being 55 and so much more. Just don’t ask her about fourth grade math.

Audio editing by Sofija Jovanov

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