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Post MaloneThe crossovers between my cultural interests and my 18-year-old son’s happen more often than I ever would have imagined. Usually, it’s music. Despite the misogyny and violence in much of what he listens to (anyone who thinks you can stop your teen from listening to a certain type of music doesn’t have a teen), this is where the intersection often emerges.

One of the first songs Joel played that I had to admit that I liked was White Iverson by Post Malone, née Austin Richard Post. I say “had to admit” because I listen almost exclusively to alternative rock and folk and I’m kind of an obnoxious snob about it.

Does it concern me that Mr. Malone is a gun enthusiast to a disturbing degree? Yes, yes it does. But I can’t help but like the song. It’s good! He also has a song called “The Meaning,” and don’t think I didn’t notice how similar the title is to the name of this publication. Also, the home interiors in the video are incredible.

Then there’s this video of him earnestly covering Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright.”

It means something to me, after living 35 years of my life with a deep love for Bob Dylan’s music (I discovered him when I was 15-ish) that this frizzy-haired kid who would soon acquire copious face tattoos, chose this song. It made me love Joel, music, Bob Dylan, Post Malone, and the world in general. It was an angels singing, crying but not completely understanding why moment—existential, you might say.

And then I discovered that one of my favorite artists and designers, April Rose of Rainbow Kimono, collaborated on creating a suit for “Posty.”

At a certain point, you have to admit that you’re a fan of the same 23-year-old rap artist as your teenage son.

I’ve also come around to the appeal of Fetty Wap’s unique voice and style even though most of his lyrics are truly distasteful. And there are plenty of other songs that I find myself humming, by the likes of Lil’ Baby, etc., and Joel catches me in the act. “You like my music!!” he accuses. And I guess he’s got me.

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