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Cindy Joseph, photo via Facebook

Surely you’ve encountered Cindy Joseph, a former makeup artist turned model (at 50!) who founded a line of makeup called BOOM. If you haven’t, perhaps it’s because your social feeds identify you as younger than 40. But her approach to makeup holds true regardless of your age. It’s a cliche but sometimes less really is more when it comes to makeup. And OK it’s especially true as you get older.

How much is too much is pretty subjective, but Joseph’s cosmetics provide the ultimate minimalist approach: one product in a few different iterations. It’s a stick that comes in one color (she says it works for every skin tone), which can be used on the cheeks, forehead, eyes and neck. She also has a glimmer stick, a moisture stick, plus a few products that don’t come in stick form: two moisturizers that come in a pot, a cleanser and a scrub (which is currently sold out).

If you’re not quite sold on BOOM (reviewers say the sticks are rich, so if you already have oily skin you might want to shop around), there are plenty are similar, multi-use products. Check them out above, buy them below:

taste cheek stain

Tarte Cheek Stain, $30—This is one of the first cheek stains, and sadly it’s hard to find these days. There are a few colors left at QVC as well as on the Tarte website.

Josie Maran cheek stain

Josie Maran Argan Color Stick, set of 4, $49—It’s got that argan oil! So it replenishes the skin and/or lips while giving a dewey touch of color.

sugar cheek stain

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment, $23—This is technically indicated for lips only, but rules are meant to be broken.

Ilia cheek stain

Ilia Multi-Stick, $34—This one’s a makeup artist favorite, and is made of organic ingredients plus vitamin E and shea butter.

Nars the Multiple

Nars’ The Multiple, $16—I love all the colors this one comes in, not to mention the cheeky (pun intended) names. And it on mega sale at the Rack!

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