Mean Reads: Midlife nutrition, Tyler Perry’s selfies, menopause face and lots more

Last Updated on January 15, 2021 by Kristen

Dr. Mary Catherine Bateson with Margaret Mead

Photo of Dr. Mary Catherine Bateson with Margaret Mead via National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian

Exercise at midlife linked to better brain health later in life [Medscape]

Midlife women can’t get enough of Tyler Perry’s selfies [Miami Herald]

Dating in your 50s? I have some stories for you Sarah Jessica Parker [The Telegraph]

Mary Catherine Bateson, author of ‘Composing a Life’ and Margaret Mead’s only daughter has died [NYT]

Midlife diet: 10 food rules for women [The Times UK]

Cognitive impairment may worsen with menopause [Healio]

6 research-backed reasons why some women’s libidos are less affected by menopause [MBG Health]

Can menopause be blamed for increased forgetfulness and lack of attention? [Newswise]

‘Kobra Kai,’ ‘Bill and Ted:’ comebacks redefine middle-aged masculinity, but where are the women [Salon]

Loneliness at midlife correlates with symptoms of depression 12 years later [Psychiatry Advisor]

An antidote for menopause face [The Daily Mail]

Is there really a sexual peak? This expert says it’s a myth [The Daily Mail]

Stella Tennant wasn’t just another fashion casualty [The Telegraph]

How to get over the midlife health bump [The Telegraph]

Why Gen Xers are way more worried about money than Boomers [Forbes]

A summary of 20 years of research and statistics on women and investing [Motley Fool]

Why is a woman’s body always in question? [NTY]

White women’s role in white supremacy, explained [Vox]

The state of women’s leadership, and how to continue changing the face of U.S. politics [Center for American Progress]







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