Episode 29: The all-female executive team at sustainable kids’ clothing brand Mightly talk Fair Trade certification, the pandemic, Gen X, and more

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Mightly CEO Tierra Forte

Audio editing by Sofija Jovanov

Mightly CEO Tierra ForteThis week’s episode features not one but three guests on the podcast. As luck would have it, the three founders of Mightly, an affordable, sustainable kids’ clothing brand, are all Gen X women.

Tierra Forte is the CEO, Barrie Brouse is the Creative Director and Anya Emerson is the COO. We had a fascinating conversation and one thing that really stood out for me was their description of what it’s really like to make clothing that’s Fair Trade Certified, and how that gets complicated during a pandemic. But it turns out the requirements involved with running a Fair Trade business actually protected Mightly’s factory workers during the Covid and at the same time helped them both stay in business.

Another point that stayed with me is their dedication to creating a workplace that allows mothers to have a full career and also be the moms they want to be.

Mightly COO Anya Emerson

Mightly COO Anya Emerson

We also talk about the Gen X advantage when it comes to sheltering in place, what it’s like working on a 100% female executive team, and—despite the pandemic—how crying at work is no longer considered normal.

Mightly Creative Directory Barrie Brouse

Mightly Creative Directory Barrie Brouse

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