Mean Reads: 2020 is the year of women over 50; funny female tweets; better sex; more!

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2020 is the year for over 50 women

Photo via Laura Dern on Instagram

The 20 funniest tweets from women this week [HuffPo]

The black women who travel for love [The New York Times]

An ode to being old [Pocket]

Gen Xers are being stiffed by greedy Boomers who refuse to retire [New York Post]

Generation X: 2 easy actions items to set up a comfortable retirement [The Motley Fool]

Gen X women are caught in a generational tug-of-war [The Atlantic]

Gen X will not go quietly [Medium]

Have better sex: how women are reigniting desire [NPR]

Men, you need to listen to women [The New York Times]

What kind of woman defends Harvey Weinstein? [Slate]

Savage X Fenty: why sex still sells in women’s fashion [BBC]

More women are working in Hollywood, but men still dominate key roles [World Economic Forum]

How the Academy’s International membership may have helped Parasite make Oscars history [Variety]

Laura Dern and Renee Zellweger prove 2020 continues to belong to over 50 women [Vogue]


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