F That: Spending money on Valentine’s Day

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It may be too late even for same-day Amazon Prime to deliver a gift for your Valentine, but that is totally O.K. What’s Valentine’s Day really about, anyway? Gifts? Negative. Love! It’s about love, people.

Free yourself from the shackles of the almighty dollar this Valentine’s Day, let go of the guilt, and do something easy and free.

Breakfast, coffee or tea in bed

If done right it’s every breakfast lover’s dream come true. Of course if your significant other is not into a big meal in the morning, bring him or her what they love whether it’s just a slice of toast or a hot beverage.

Dame gratitude worksheet Valentine's Day

Gratitude worksheet

Print out this worksheet from Dame products for both you and your partner, then trade.

couple stargazing Valentine's Day

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Drive to a remote area and take in the 100% free show in the sky (and pray for clear weather).

chicken dinner home cooked Valentine's Day

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Dinner at home

Surprise your love with a home cooked meal—bonus points if it’s their favorite, but sometimes you need to make what’s in the pantry work. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be appreciated.

Create a playlist

A lovely gesture on its own or in addition to the above, creating a playlist (or a mixtape, if you’re old school) of your partner’s favorite songs, even if they’re not your favorites, shows you’ve been paying attending and that’s damn sexy. Valentine's Day two women being romantic

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Play a board game

Sometimes just making the time to do something one on one is all it takes to show you care. Playing a board game is interactive rather than passive like watching a movie. And it might lead to wrapping yourselves in string lights and making out, you never know.

couple watching the sunset Valentine's Day

Watch the sunset

Since Valentine’s Day happens in the winter, this might be happening before you’re both finished with your responsibilities of the day, so it might take some organizing. But it’s worth it for a little romance.

couple outdoors

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Take a Hike

Spending time outdoors is a great opportunity to generate some endorphins and bring you and your partner closer with conversation or blessed silence.

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Solve a puzzle

Again, you’ll be interacting with each other and working towards a common goal—plus take a moment to think about the symbolism here.

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