Mean episode #13: Lizzie Bermudez talks ageism and sexism in the television industry

Last Updated on October 10, 2020 by Kristen

Lizzie Bermudez

This week on The Mean Show we feature multiple Emmy-award-winning T.V. personality Lizzie Bermudez. You’ve heard from her on the podcast before, but this is the first time we actually focus on HER and her career.

We discuss how she got her start in television, how she rose to prominence, the ageism and sexism she experienced along the way, and how she’s surviving at home with her family, including two school-age girls.

I always love talking with Lizzie, but I especially love this interview because we discuss some intimate details about her struggles and successes. It also made me very excited to see what she’ll do next. Keep an eye on this woman, she is poised to do amazing things!

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