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Keanu Reeves

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We’re officially a month into social distancing—tack on a few weeks for the most diligent among us—and suddenly, at least to me, a month of staying home doesn’t seem like all that long. Call it 20/20 hindsight (gosh how many times will that pun be used by future writers on the pandemic?), but I’m stressing, feeling like I should have accomplished more. My daughter is behind in school, I have hardly exercised at all, and those home projects are unfinished (and unstarted).

At the same time, it feels like quite a long time. I am constantly thinking of my friends with retail shops who have had their incomes slashed, as well as other creative friends including photographers and others who have had most of their work canceled. And then when I think about about the daily ins and outs (rather than my overall inadequacy) of home schooling, indeed it feels like an eternity.

So I don’t know if it’s comforting or stressful that we’re facing at least one more month of sheltering in place. I’d love to year from you all: How are you feeling about the next 30 days?

As far as women and Gen Xers in the news (the actual point of this post) are concerned, 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of women being able to vote. As the flu hampered the suffrage movement a century ago, the coronavirus has canceled the celebrations that had been planned for this year. Also we need PPE for women, the complicated “believe women” mantra, and what generation gets to claim Keanu Reeves are among the most interesting reads for Gen X women published recently.

PPE ‘designed for women’ needed on frontline [BBC]

The ‘women’s work’ of the coronavirus pandemic [Vox]

Female genital mutilation outlawed in Sudan [The New York Times]

Why have women’s groups gone dead silent on Joe Biden sex assault allegations? [Daily Beast]

Women in India’s sex industry struggle for survival [The Guardian]

Texas frontline workers are mostly women, people of color [The Texas Tribune]

Covid’s war on women [Politico]

Should we always believe women? [Washington Monthly]

Oracle women score a major win in court battle over equal pay [Bloomberg]

How to exist in a world that seeks to erase women [CNN]

South Korea elects record number of women [Council on Foreign Relations]

Women and minorities shoulder the front-line work during the pandemic [NPR]

States use coronavirus to ban abortion [The Guardian]

Women account for 60% of job losses over two months [CNN]

5 tips for working from home as a women in STEM [World Economic Forum]

Women’s football: Prejudice & abuse ‘major issues’ [BBC]

Women ignore 5 signs of cancer during coronavirus [The Sun]

How Spanish flu almost upended women’s suffrage [The New York Times]

Women leaders are doing a disproportionately great job at handling the pandemic. So why aren’t there more of them? [CNN]

New study: Millennial women are delaying having kids due to their careers [Forbes]

An extraordinary series on women filmmakers to steam on Criterion Collection [New Yorker]

Small business loan programs discriminate against minorities and women, lawsuit alleges [Marketwatch]

What Gen Xers can do about their financial squeeze [Las Vegas Review Journal]

Gen X is stress buying consumer tech instead of toilet paper [Forbes]

Gen X finally takes a stand when millennials try to steal Keanu Reaves [Bleeding Cool]


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