10 times wall-to-wall carpet actually looked amazing

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Can wall-to-wall carpet sometimes be a good choice? It certainly gets a bad rap amongst the design set. But we’re here to assert that it can indeed be good.

Take a look at these gorgeously appointed rooms and you’ll see that the carpet looks beautiful and cozy. Layering with rugs ads a design element and a demarcation of areas.

Garrett Fleming's living room

Photo via Design Sponge

Plus, carpet has several practical advantages as listed below:

Benefits of carpet

  • Carpet is an inexpensive way to cover damaged floors.
  • Carpet is easier and faster than tile or wood.
  • Carpet is warm—it can literally decrease your heating bill.
  • Carpet is also safer for kids and elderly folks.
  • Carpet is a noise buffer—it absorbs the sound of footsteps for those below, and it reduces echos and lowers noise in a room during gatherings.
Jenni Kane's bedroom in Tahoe

Jenni Kayne’s Tahoe bedroom via Domino

The bedroom above is from interior maven Jenni Kayne‘s Lake Tahoe home. Kayne is no slouch when it comes to interior design, so we have to trust that carpet is not just something to settle for, but can be a legitimately great design choice.

Carpets certainly have their drawbacks: they can collect fur and hair, and maintenance can be challenging. Frequent vacuuming is necessary and professional cleaning can be expensive.

But no flooring is maintenance free. Tile and wood are also a challenge to keep clean. Dust bunnies anyone? Plus, they’re more expensive than carpet.

carpeted home

Photo via Design Sponge

And sometimes, your rental comes with carpet and there’s not a lot you can do but work with it.

So we’re ready to give carpet a chance, especially when it looks as good as it does in these gorgeous rooms!

geometric carpet

Photo by Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest

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