You can still order everything online for your last-minute Super Bowl party

Last Updated on February 5, 2020 by Kristen

Dan the Sausage Man’s favorite gourmet gift basket, $60

Not a big planner? You are not alone—no one around here is either. And it seems only right that now that we’re over 40, our procrastination is almost not a problem at all thanks to Amazon Prime.

So if you’re thinking about throwing a shindig for the Super Bowl (it’s on Sunday), you can still order just about everything you need using Amazon Prime and it might just arrive in time. And you may not even have to do any dishes!


whisky nuts decanter

Man Crates Whisky nuts decanter, $45

We love the reusable container, and nuts are just necessary while watching football.

popcornopolis snacks super bowl

Popcornopolis 3.5 gallon tin including zebra, caramel and kettle corn, $65

Also necessary: popcorn! This giant tub of it offers three kinds, and enough to go around.


serving bowls super bowl

Set of 3 salad/soup/ramen bowls, $31

If you’re finding yourself with not quite enough bowls for salsa and other condiments (can we agree we that an oversized Tostitos jar plunked on the table is not cute?), these look like they took days to make by hand but can arrive at your doorstep in 24 hours.

bamboo plates and forks

Eco only disposable party pack, 150 pieces, $39

These are not only prettier than plastic and paper, but they are better for the earth. Just because you’re last minute doesn’t mean you have to be an eco-enemy.

olive wood dipping bowl

RSVP International olive wood dipping bowl, $7.50

These have a rough-hewn look like you purchased them in local boutique, and I won’t tell anyone that you actually purchased them on Amazon if you promise to go shop at your local boutique ASAP. These cuties can hold your olives or nuts and they may even make pits look less gross.


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