Oh my god this perfume smells so good, Michelle Pfeiffer invented it, and it’s non-toxic

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Michelle Pfeiffer Henry Rose

Photo via Henry Rose

When it comes to personal scents, it’s often impossible to know what’s in the perfume you’re spraying directly onto your skin. The FDA allows cosmetics brands to protect their trade secrets by simply labeling some ingredients “fragrance.”

Michelle Pfeiffer wanted to know, and thought consumers should know, exactly what they’re spraying and rubbing on their bodies. So she created Henry Rose, a personal scent brand that’s 100% transparent about its ingredients. For each and every scent, you can visit the brand’s website to peruse each and every ingredient.

That’s fantastic for sure, but does it smell good? F yes it does.

Henry Rose perfume

My favorites are Queens & Monsters and Jake’s House. Queens & Monsters feels like an evening scent, with top notes of undercavetol (green, floral) and petitgrain (woody, orange blossom), middle notes of freesia and jasmine, and bottom notes of vanilla, coco musk and sandalwood. Basically, it’s yummy without being cloying or overly musky.

Queens & Monsters Henry Rose perfume

Jake’s House is more a fresh scent that’s become my daytime go-to, with top notes of “fresh marine,” middle notes of neroli, peony and jasmine, and bottom notes of ambroxan (creamy, salty, skin-like) and musk. It’s fresh, but has a depth that keeps it from feeling too airy. And it’s a bit floral without being too sweet thanks to touches of musk and salt water.

Jake's House Henry Rose perfume

I’m super excited to try her latest release, Windows Down—top notes: neroli, grapefruit and bergamot; middle: orange flower; base: moss, guaiacwood and musk.

And the great thing about Henry Rose is that you don’t have to commit. You can buy samples of the full collection for $45, which comes with a $20 gift you can place towards a full sized bottle of the scent you like best. You can also choose between the “Fresh” and “Warm” sample collections for $28 each and still get the $20 code.

Try it and tell us your favorites!

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