Mean reads: Women impress during impeachment and Dem debate; Menopause the Musical

Last Updated on November 21, 2019 by Kristen

Amy Sherald Baltimore Museum of ArtAmy Sherald’s Planes, rockets, and the spaces in between (2018) at the Baltimore Museum of Art

What a debate run by women looks like [The Nation]

What do we hear when women speak? [The New York Times]

Klobuchar: Women are held to a higher standard [The New York Times]

Fiona Hill on women’s anger [The Hill]

Women making history in Virginia [Washington Post]

Some women feel fetal kicks years after they’ve given birth [New Scientist]

Central Park gets first statue of female historical figure [Snopes]

Why are there so few women in aviation? [CNN]

Will Oscar voters pay attention to women directors this year? [LA Times]

Baltimore Museum will buy only works by women in 2020 [NPR]

Class action lawsuit claims Michigan women’s prison is filthy [ABC News]

Women in Iowa are protesting the state’s tampon tax [KCRG]

Women are losing the thermostat war [National Post]

Partners’ sexual dysfunction contributes to low libido in older women [Medical press]

Tickets for Menopause, the Musical in Vegas are on sale now []





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