Mean Reads: Women continue to lip sync Trump thank heavens; Roe’s deathbed confession; scary Mrs. America

Last Updated on May 22, 2020 by Kristen

Sarah Cooper on TikTok

Women lip syncing Trump continues, thank heavens [Sarah Cooper on TikTok]

More Drunk Don [Kylie Scott on TikTok]

Lip synching Andrew Cuomo is also hilarious [Maria DeCotis on Twitter]

Inside the plan to end legal abortion [Jezebel]

Jane Roe: I was paid to speak abortion in shocking FX documentary [USA Today]

Tara Read’s attorney will no longer represent her [The Cut]

Coronavirus response: Are women handling it better? [Vox]

Women in charge: success against the coronavirus crisis [The New York Times]

Where are the women? Outcry over all-male meeting in Afghanistan [The Guardian]

Trump’s stone-age view on women’s work [CNN]

The pandemic upended childcare, it could be devastating for women [Washington Post]

Women’s basketball recruits that turned some women into stars and others that missed the mark [ESPN]

Watch out for the misogyny on TikTok [NBC News]

Remembering the women-run WWI hospital [Washington Blade]

Are women publishing less than men during the pandemic? Here’s the data [Nature]

Chief, the leadership network for women, raises $15 million [TechCrunch]

Three-quarters of Covid-19 victims in OK are women [Enid News & Eagle]

Facebook rolls out feature to let women in India easily lock their accounts [TechCrunch]

10 lessons from the COVID-19 frontline for a more gender-equal world [World Economic Forum]

Women photographers document lockdown [BBC]

Watching the past in Mrs. America makes me afraid for the future [CNN]

Nine women running for house and senate who need to be on your radar [GEN via Medium]

The top 10 women Joe Biden might pick as Vice President, ranked [CNN]

What is it like for a woman aging solo in Ireland? [RTE]

The women who created a new language [BBC]

Interracial romance with women as the stars [The New York Times]

Nearly half of men say they do the majority of home schooling. 3 percent of women agree [The New York Times]

What does ‘wife’ means for queer women? [The New York Times]

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