Mean Reads: Winning Warren; Women Snubbed by Oscars, Rock & Roll; Women’s March Tries Again

Last Updated on January 17, 2020 by Kristen

caroleking Tapestry cover

Carole King on the cover of her album Tapestry, released in 1971

After controversial leaders step down, the Women’s March tries again in 2020 [NPR]

Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar are their own evidence that women can win [Vox]

Op-Ed: Elizabeth Warren brushed off Bernie Sanders and taught a master class in handling sexism [L.A. Times]

Less sex linked to earlier menopause [CNN]

This is why women now hold more jobs than men [CNN]

WNBA makes ‘big bet on women’ with new contract [The New York Times]

Menopause, evolution and parenting energy [WSJ]

Women snubbed for Oscar nominations [NBC]

High blood pressure progresses sooner and faster in women [The New York Times]

It’s time for women to have both a seat and a voice in the board room [The Washington Post]

The overlooked history of women at work [The New York Times]

41 women who should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame [NPR]

The onset of menopause can trigger depression and anxiety [NPR]

Why questions on women candidates strike a nerve [The New York Times]

Women replace men on Geneva road signs [SWI]

How ‘Believe women’ could backfire [The Guardian]

Why are mid-career women physicians leaving academic medicine? [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

How puberty, pregnancy and perimenopause effect women’s mental health [NPR]

Pope Francis appoints first woman to Senior Vatican diplomatic role [CNN]

Really seeing Marmee: Oh, how Little Women’s matriarch has changed [The New York Times]

How far can abused women go to protect themselves? [The New Yorker]

Why I’m not going back to the Women’s March [The Federalist]

Why many Muslim women are skipping the Women’s March [Middle East Eye]

The benefits of estrogen therapy [Today]




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