Mean Reads: Outdated menopause info still guides doctors; reframing women at midlife; 57-year-old-gives birth

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middle aged woman wearing readers

Editor’s note: every week when I do my news roundup I search for images of women at midlife to accompany the post. And every week I find the weirdest shit on Pexels, Unsplash and Pixabay so here I am this week just being a middle aged woman illustrating my own news roundup about middle aged women. 

‘Women in midlife are the butt of jokes:’ How ignorance around menopause is driving women out of work [iNews]

I’m a woman over 50, so why don’t I conform to the stereotypes? [The Guardian]

A woman’s life doesn’t end at 40, so why does society make us feel that way? [The Guardian]

A new menopause app to help women take control of their health [Women & Home]

For many, midlife can be a time to declutter and decide what matters [AZ Central]

I hit my sexual stride at midlife and so can you [Telegraph UK (subscription required)]

Sleep disturbance associated with weight gain during menopause [AJMC]

Outdated information still guides menopause management [NewsGP]

Beyond burnout: The exhausting reality of unpaid family caregivers [AARP]

Being lonely during midlife can increase your risk of Alzheimer’s and demential later in life [Daily Mail]

57-year-old is one of the oldest to give birth [New York Post]

Misogyny fuels violence against women. Should it be a hate crime? [The New York Times]

The backstory: When women are pushed out of the workforce, it impacts far more than just the women themselves [USA Today]

Middle-aged women have worst, most long-lasting symptoms from Covid [BBC]

Study: Women in Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Louisiana and Utah pay more for car insurance [K5]

25 quotes on aging and getting older from famous women [The Cut]




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