Mean Reads: NASA SNAFU, Ivanka’s tone deafness, should you lean in?

Mean Reads: NASA SNAFU, Ivanka’s tone deafness, should you lean in?

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Jacinda Ardern

What happens when women stop leading like men: “During thousands of years of civilization, women have evolved to deal with the intractable perplexities of life and find means of peaceful coexistence where men have traditionally found roads to conflict.” [The New York Times]

Joe Biden’s affectionate physical style with women comes under scrutiny: “In some of the photos, Joe Biden is behind the women, his hands on their shoulders, as he whispers in their ears.” [Washington Post]

Lean in and be a dysfunctional leader: “…just because someone is full of themselves and talks a lot during meetings we should not assume that they are leadership material.” [Business Insider]

Saudi women’s rights activists temporarily released: “The three women are among 11 women on trial after being charged under the country’s cyber-crimes law, which can carry a sentence of up to five years in jail.” [BBC]

NASA cancels all-female spacewalk over wrong-size spacesuits: “Lack of a medium-sized spacesuit has forced the cancellation of the first all-female spacewalk” [CNN]

Women die from heart attacks more often than men; here’s why and what doctors are doing about it: “I was never overweight, I exercised regularly and was a healthy eater, but I knew nothing about the signs and symptoms of a heart attack or how women are often dismissed as being exhausted and hysterical when seeking medical help.” [Time]

Ivanka Trump slammed for Women’s History Month message: “Please enough from Princess West Wing.” [AOL]

Who counts as a woman? “The recent debates over the experiences of trans women gives us new reason to return to a question feminists have been grappling with for decades.” [The New York Times]

An awful crime gets Women Talking in one of the first great novels of the year: “In a narrative so sharp it could draw blood, Women Talking asks an immense, weighty question: How do women who have lived their entire lives in a society that severely limits their agency act when suddenly needing to exercise it?” [AV Club]

Why women shouldn’t let a solo retirement catch them by surprise: “Ninety per cent of women will end up managing their own finances at some point” [Financial Post]

Best of Sunday—punching women’s final four tickets “For the first time in program history, the Oregon Ducks are headed to the women’s Final Four after outlasting Mississippi State 88-84 in a thrilling showdown of the top two seeds in the Portland regional final.” [ESPN]

Dozens of women are suing a hospital that secretly recorded their gynecology operations: “Eighty-one women are suing Sharp Grossmont Hospital in San Diego, California, after learning that they were secretly recorded by hidden cameras installed in the hospital’s gynecology operating rooms.” [BuzzFeed News]

Leaders of Vatican women’s magazine quit citing ‘climate of distrust’: “It seems to us that a vital initiative is being reduced to silence, to return to the antiquated and arid method of the top-down selection, under direct male control, of women who are perceived as being reliable.” [The New York Times]





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