Mean Reads: Middle-aged women lusted after; menopause’s incandescent rage; link between hormones and Alzheimers; lots more

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Why everyone needs to know more about menopause, especially now [Washington Post]

Georgian men lusted after ‘middle aged’ women who were valued as experienced [Daily Mail]

Jenny Eclair: Menopause game me incandescent rage: it was like a superpower [The Guardian]

Hormones my explain a higher incidence of Alzheimer’s in Women [MedicineNet]

As a middle-aged black woman, I’m broken-hearted and weary [Tampa Bay Times]

Why female fertility ends in middle age, and an effort to end menopause [Marie Claire]

The ‘women’s vote’ never existed [The New Republic]

Scientists say G-spot doesn’t exist [The Sun]

Why age shouldn’t be a barrier to meaningful sex [Vanguard (press release)]

Biracial woman says white men called her N-word, set her on fire [NBC]

Why did it take the coronavirus to show how much unpaid work women do? [NYT]

Women ‘on precipice’ in developing countries amid COVID-19 [Arab News]

The Mexican men who want to end violence against women [DW]

Affection, at least for women, may be rooted in genes [U.S. News]

Biden, Trump release diversity data [NBC]

Study offers new psychological explanation for mens’ tendency to overestimate women’s romantic interest [PsyNews]

The coronavirus backlash: how the pandemic is destroying women’s rights [The Guardian]

Survey: women are rethinking having kids as they face pandemic challenges [NPR]


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