Mean Reads: Lots of Kamala, plus menopause and sex; menopause and Covid; menopause and memory

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menopause market

Is Kamala Harris Generation X’s first Vice President, or just another Boomer? [Washington Post]

Kamala Harris, Gen X’s moment, and the fall of House Boomer [Rolling Stone]

Vice President Kamala Harris is the subject of a revealing generational custody battle [NBC Think]

Why more startups are finally pursuing menopause: ‘600B is not niche’ [Crunchbase News]

The sandwich generation is at a breaking point [The Telegraph]

How to launch an intergenerational small business in midlife [Forbes]

Severe menopause symptoms often accompany premature ovarian insufficiency [EurekAlert]

Premature menopause may bring tougher symptoms for women [U.S. News]

Menopause possible to blame for increased forgetfulness, lack of attention [Pharmacy Times]

Menopause and perimenopause advice: What to know about hot flashes, hormone therapy and more [Oregon Live]

Sunbathing after menopause may be harmful [EurekAlert]

There may be links between menopause and severe coronavirus symptoms [Forbes]

The menopause is ruining my sex life. How can I stop feeling so numb? [The Guardian]

The secret to having amazing sex after menopause [Newsweek]




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