Mean Reads: First All-Female Space Walk, Menopause Talk, Shrinking Vaginas

Last Updated on October 29, 2019 by Kristen

First all-woman's space walk

Photo via NASA

There was good news form an all-woman space walk to Nancy Pelosi schooling a room full of old white men. There were also some lows: shrinking vaginas and doctor abuse during child abuse.

Who is really unhinged here? [Washington Post]

The first all-woman space walk: photos, videos, and celebratory tweets []

Treating the incredible shrinking vagina [The New York Times]

The hidden power of evangelical women [Slate]

Talk therapy for menopause [Wall Street Journal]

Big Mouth, a cartoon, is teaching people about menopause [Glamour]

Talking about menopause (finally) [The New York Times]

Why doctors fail with menopause care [Next Avenue]

When does menopause start and how long does it last? [Health]

The best and worst countries to be a woman [National Geographic]

A growing number of women allege doctors abuse them during childbirth [Vice]

The war on terrorism, through the eyes of three women at the CIA [NPR]

Women: A century of change [National Geographic]

NASA’s new space suit’s will fit men and women alike (finally) [Wired]

How salesforce closed the pay gap between men and women [Wired]

Why it’s good for business to have a woman at the top [CNN]

How women’s reluctance to delegate can hurt their careers [Fortune]

Meet the woman behind Jeep’s rugged, boulder climbing new pickup truck [ABC News]

Bombshell will portray Fox News Ailes controversy [CNN]

How women in India demanded, and are getting, safer streets [National Geographic]



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