Mean Reads: Does the women’s march matter? Weinstein; Female Trumpers; and why can’t be believe a woman can win?

Last Updated on January 24, 2020 by Kristen

women cricket players 1875

Women’s March protestors in D.C. and across the country pledge it’s only the beginning [The Washington Post]

The women’s march, and it’s influence on American elections, explained [Vox]

Virginia passes bill easing abortion restrictions [Jezebel]

1 in 5 women doubt a woman can win the presidency [Washington Post]

Women’s rights campaigners resist ‘marry your rapist’ bill in Turkey [Friendly Athiest]

Are the women’s marches still relevant? [Charlotte Observer]

The plight of the woman Trumpist [The Atlantic]

Women shattered this glass ceiling, now men want in [Bloomberg]

How an army of women hunted down their online dating scammer who conned them into marriage [The Daily Beast]

Vatican women’s magazine blames drop in nuns on abuses [WILX]

About those ‘Women for Trump’ [Boston Globe]

Kotex admits blood is red, not blue [WSJ]

Female in Focus award wants to get more work for women photographers [British Journal of Photography]

Women, burdened with unpaid labor, bear the brunt of global inequality [NYT]

Women get a spotlight, but no prize money, in new N.H.L. all-star event [NYT]

Women’s gains in the workforce conceal a problem [NYT]

These are the women who plan to testify against Harvey Weinstein [CNN]

At the largest gun show on earth, the focus is women, first-time buyers [WSJ]

Women’s archives replaces altered Women’s March photo with original version [The Washington Post]

Why electing a female president is secondary for some women [NYT]

Trump’s approval remains far higher among men than women [Bloomberg]

From bloomers to see-through skin suits: how women’s sports uniforms have evolved since 1875 [The Telegraph]

Grammys deny that their voting process is corrupt [Jezebel]

Well, looks like a wellness exorcism took place at Davos [The Cut]

Vivian Gornick doesn’t get the hype [The Cut]




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