Mean reads: diet drinks and stroke, app stalks Saudi women, women on Harleys

women coders in history

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women coders in history

Photo via U.S. Army

More women winning science prizes but men still win the top ones (Harvard Business Review)

Multiple women including Mandy Moore accuse Ryan Adams of abuse (The New York Times)

Diet drinks may increase stroke risk in older women (Web MD)

Barnard’s president has advice for women in male-dominated workplaces (Harvard Business Review)

The power and pitfalls of the Democratic party’s young progressive women (CNN)

A record number of female candidates is running for president (CNBC)

How women will shake up the music industry in 2019 (Wired)

60% of women don’t believe they’re paid what they’re worth (NBC)

Women detained for speaking Spanish in a convenience store are suing (Vox)

When companies publish their salaries, women win (CNN)

Google and Apple reviewing app that allows Saudi men to track women (The New York Times)

America’s insanely expensive childcare is a huge economic problem (Slate)

Paid family leave is good for the economy (Washington Post)

Women who ride Harleys (USA Today)

The secret history of women in coding (The New York Times)

5 women share exactly what it feels like to have a heart attack (Health 24)

FBI releases portraits by serial killer of 16 women he claims to have killed (Women in the World)






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