Episode 27: The What founder Gina Pell on perennials, quarantine, Taylor Swift and more

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Gina Pell of The What

Photo by Mary McHenry

Our guest this week, Gina Pell, was a huge inspiration for creating Mean. She came up with the concept of Perennials, and when I read her article Meet the Perennials, I knew I had an audience. The idea that a demographic can be about more than the year you were born struck a chord. Perennials are ever-blooming people of all ages who continue to push up against their growing edge, always relevant, and not defined by their generation.

Mean has shifted since then to focus mostly on women at mid-age, but Pell is as inspiring as ever.  She’s been a tech entrepreneur since the 90s when she founded Splendora, which was eventually acquired by Joyus. She’s currently Content Chief of The What, a vibrant community as well as an email newsletter that provides five eclectic, curious things you should know about every week including  books, health tips, life, style, travel, and tech.

Listen in on our conversation to learn how she’s weathering the pandemic, what inspired the concept of Perennials, how women can get Jack Nicholson sexy, and lots more.

Audio editing by Sofija Jovanov

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