A cheeky trick that gives over-50 skin an immediate mini facelift

Last Updated on March 16, 2021 by Kristen

Colette Vanpaemel

Colette Vanpaemel, AKA @blondincontour is one of my favorite Instagram makeup artists to watch for makeup tips and tricks for over-50 skin.

This particular trick sort of threw me for a loop because her advice is to stop doing something I’ve been doing for forever.

When I first discovered cream blush, it was a revelation. I was a dedicated powder blush and everything else) user after living a lifetime with oily skin. But I slowly realized that my skin was getting dryer and needed much different types of products.

A dab of creamy pink color at the apple of my cheeks gave a youthful, natural look. And it was so easy. Even into my late 40s, the creamy texture worked well with my skin.

But lately, I look in the mirror after applying it and it just looks weird. Clownish and definitely not flattering. So I just stopped wearing any blush at all. But then I saw myself on video and I looked washed out and tired (Brighter lipstick may have also helped!)

So my eyes and ears perked up when I saw Colette’s video showing the difference between applying blush to the apples of the cheeks versus starting back further behind the line that begins below the center of the eye and blending back towards the ear.

Look at the difference between the two sides! I don’t know what magic is going on here, but I want it in my life.

Angie from Hot & Flashy agrees, and she has some of the best makeup tips out there for over 50 skin (you guys she’s 58).

Luckily it’s super easy to get this look. Here are some moisturizing, non-toxic cream blush options if you’re also in the market for the cheapest, easiest mini facelift ever.

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