7 Ethically Made Jumpsuits For Women 19-99

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It’s well established that using the loo can be challenging when you wear a jumpsuit. Small price to pay for the je ne sais quoi gained. There is something unexplainably cool about a one and done pants outfit, especially when you add the perfect shoes and maybe a just-right piece of jewelry.

The only thing better than adding a drop seat in the back is a jumpsuit that’s ethically made. These seven specimens not only deliver stellar style, but they also do good for their workers, the environment, and the world. Whether you’re 19 or 99, whether you’re into bold patterns, florals, or simpler solids, there’s an ethically sound jumpsuit out there waiting just for you.

The Kit Boxy Jumpsuit in Cut Paper The Kit Boxy jumpsuit in Cut Paper, $168

The Kit was created by Project Runway and CFDA Fashion Incubator grad Daniel Vosovic, who had a mid-career epiphany about the inefficient and environmentally damaging fashion industry. So he created The Kit where every garment is digitally printed to order, which not only reduces waste but also allows the designer to get super creative with bold prints without the risk of garments ending up in a landfill.

Happy French Gang jumpsuit

Happy French Gang jumpsuits, $195-$210

Happy French Gang was created by Sandra Dejanovic Trividic who uses sustainable textiles created with traditional techniques and dyed and sewn by hand. These jumpsuits have gone viral!

The Kit Alex floral jumpsuit

The Kit Alex jumpsuit, $168

The Kit’s prints are so good we had to include two.

Lucy & Yak organic cotton boiler suit jumpsuit

Lucy & Yak Frankie boiler suit, $85

The Frankie jumpsuit is handmade by a skilled tailor in India—even the coconut shell buttons are hand-sewn on and the whole process of making a single jumpsuit takes four hours. The soft twill is 100% organic cotton and the dye is certified to have a low environmental impact.

kowtow check jumpsuit

Kowtow Archive windowpane jumpsuit, $329

Kowtow was an early entry in the ethical fashion game. All their garments are made of organic, renewable, biodegradable or regenerated fibers. This New Zealand-based brand also uses ethical production facilities and are certified by a slew of ethical fashion non-profits.

Yevu day/night boiler suit jumpsuit in oval jumpsuit

Yevu day/night boiler suit in oval, $252 (down from $280)

Yevu has created fair and sustainable jobs for women in Ghana, paying above a living wage, all the while investing in their workers and the region’s economic development with training, kids’ eduction, and lots more. Read more about the brand’s inspiring mission here.

Wildfang WF Coverall

Wildfang WF Workwear coverall, $188

Last year, Wildfang raised more than $400k for charities that support reproductive, immigrant, and women’s/human rights. And we love the brand’s inclusive take on fashion.

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