20 under $200 comfy wide-leg pants to ease you into post-pandemic life

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Last Updated on June 26, 2023 by Kristen

Athleta nolita wide leg pants black

Athleta Nolita wide-leg pants, $98

I’m not sure what the beef is around wide-leg versus skinny pants between the Gen Zers and Millennials, I’m just glad GenXers are not involved. I do not like skinny jeans or pants period, and I am not super concerned about what youngsters might have to say about that.

I have many defensible reasons for my preference, chief among them being that wide-leg pants are more comfortable in part because they often feature an elastic waist. Second, skinny jeans/pants often evoke visions of sausage encasings and that’s not cute.

Last but not least, wide-leg pants are one thousand percent more chic than skinnies, argue with me if you must but you are wrong (see Lauren Bacall, Farrah Fawcett or Billie Eilish).

To help prove my point, here are 19 extremely cute and comfy pairs to choose from.

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