15 stories about women, mostly not about politics

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Elizabeth Warren

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With the over-saturation of political news dominating our phones and feeds, it’s easy to miss important articles about women—our place in society, how we’re treated in the workplace, and our healthcare. So every Friday we bring you a roundup of news that’s mostly not politics and all about women.

Elizabeth Warren wins the internet with response on gay marriage “I’m cool with that.” You probably didn’t miss this one but it’s too good not to include. [Time]

Women over 50 having the time of their lives: study “Women in the over 55 demographic are in the prime of their lives – a force to be reckoned with’” Damn straight. [Independent]

An all-female Delta team flew 120 girls to get them excited about aviation. “We believe you have to see it to be it.” Hells yes! [CNN]

Iranian women attend soccer game for first time in nearly 40 years. “In what many considered a victory in a decades-long fight by women in Iran to attend sporting events, they wrapped themselves in the country’s flag and watched with excitement as Iran beat Cambodia 14-0 in a 2022 World Cup qualifier at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium.” Mubarak! [Fox News]

Six common signs you’re entering menopause “Everybody who goes through it is experiencing it for the very first time. This can make identifying the symptoms a bit tricky.” Really, though? The same is true for puberty but it’s not that hard to identify. [Prevention]

Doctors warn woman not to use toothpaste to tighten their vaginas “It is a myth that toothpaste will tighten the vagina.” Found this newsflash just in time. [The Sun]

Here’s what happens to your body during every phase of Menopause This article should be longer but O.K. [Prevention]

Did you know early menopause can effect your heart? “Women who reached menopause before age 50 were more likely to have a nonfatal heart problem, such as a heart attack, angina or stroke.” Great. [Web MD]

Antidepressants overprescribed for menopause “(HRT) is the only research-backed treatment for depression due to perimenopause.” By the way, the original headline said antidepressants make menopause worse but that seems to be incorrect or at least not mentioned in the article. [NY Post]

6 ways your vagina changes during menopause “It may shrink…” Prevention seems to have recently published several articles about menopause with fun/weird photos. [Prevention]

6 surprising things you didn’t know about menopause “You have more control than you think” Finally, some good news. [Good Housekeeping]

Word spreads fast among women about bad cultures at tech companies “I want to be somewhere where I’m safe and appreciated and respected.” Continue that bro culture at your own risk. [NBC]

Women may be under-diagnosed while men are over-diagnosed, study suggests “(because) women generally perform better on verbal memory tests.” Bummer that can work against us. [USA Today]

Women in Florida are no joke “That’s very Florida.” Some things really just are. [The New York Times]

Re: AOC’s expensive haircut: Yes, this is how the U.S. economy bleeds women dry “The grand total included $80 for the haircut and $180 for lowlights, plus tip.” It was her own money. Mike Pence spent $600k of taxpayers money on a detour to visit a Trump golf course so shut up please. [Newsweek]

Meet 56 badass billionaire women whose wealth and inheritance should be taxed immediately “Walmart heir Alice Walton, whose net worth is a staggering $51.4 billion, is the richest woman in the United States because our failure to tax inheritance creates dynastic wealth!” I mean same goes for men but yeah. [Jezebel]

Women still feel like they need to soften their communication at work “People are still telling women to smile.” And to that I say do fuck off. [Fast Company]


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