New Year’s Resolution: Never Wear Uncomfortable Clothes

Ace & Jig ellis dress

Last Updated on January 7, 2019 by Kristen

New Year’s Resolutions often involve exercising and/or losing weight. Mine included—I’m making exercise a priority in 2019, and would love to fit into some of my currently-too-small jeans.

I have another, equally important resolution, however, and that’s to mitigate feeling bad about myself whilst I ramp up the healthy eating and exercising. And that requires clothing that’s stylish but that also cooperates with my current body. Thankfully, there is plenty of modern, stylish fashion in the world that will leave us all blissfully ignorant of those extra pounds gained over the holidays and simultaneously look amazing. Here are six brands that will be there for you during difficult transitions or anytime you need to feel confident and comfortable.

Ace & Jig ellis dress

Ace & Jig

This is a longstanding favorite brand. Not only are their dresses gorgeous and totally comfortable, but the design duo behind Ace & Jig personally designs all of the fabrics, which are ethically made in India. They also recently launched extended sizing, thereby adding a whole new population of obsessive devotees.

Ashley Rowe denim turtleneck and pants

Ashley Rowe

Ashley Rowe’s denim tops and pants are the antithesis of body-conscious. The garments are roomy, barely touch your body, and leave much to the imagination, just the way I like it during the winter months. The Fargo, Texas-based designer also recently introduced additional colors and fabrics including an exciting orange corduroy.

Base Range clothing

Base Range

If this outfit doesn’t make you want to curl up on the couch with good book, you might need some serious decompression help. The bonus is if your launching is interrupted by the need to run an errand, you definitely won’t have to change your clothes.

Priory fleece outfit


What can one say about a head-to-toe fleecy outfit such as this except “hello stylish winter hibernation status.” There’s a lot to love about an outfit you can sleep in and wear directly to your local coffee establishment, or the airport, or to take your kid to school, to your own school, etc.

Ganni dress on sale


This dress and boots situation is the perfect example of how to look polished and stylish with minimal effort and maximal comfort. Ganni has achieved obsession level status for man it-girls in recent years, but it’s definitely not one of those brands that will only look good on a certain type. Sizes range from XS to XL (check out the measurements since the sizing goes by Danish standards), and they just happen to be having a huge sale at the moment with many items 60% off.

Mes Demoiselles jacket dress

Mes Demoiselles

This brand has delivered dreamy Bohemian French style since 2006. There is so much to love here, between the shimmering fabrics, flowy silhouettes, and lively prints.


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