F That: Wearing a Bra

F That: Wearing a Bra

Last Updated on April 26, 2019 by Kristen

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Wearing a bra is a pain—often literally. By mid-day, any bra—I don’t care how soft and perfectly fitting it is—can begin to chafe and annoy, evoking images of Jennifer Beals in that wonderful Flashdance scene.

Wearing a bra is complicated. I actually enjoy wearing a bra for the first several hours of being out and about during the day. And it’s 100% necessary for comfort and support in any exercise or dance class.

But there comes a time when, like anything (or anyone) too clingy, it NEEDS TO GO. And also, now that I’ve been working from home and generally spending so much time at home, I do not enjoy wearing a bra when I’m hanging out on the couch with my computer.

I also have a teenage boy (technically an adult because he’s 18 but also so not an adult) in the house, and I don’t want to make him uncomfortable. Why we live in a world where a boy is uncomfortable seeing his mother without a bra is for another story. And it’s entirely possible that he wouldn’t be? Which means this is my problem. But the problem remains that (perhaps) he, and, (indeed) I, would feel weird walking around the house wearing a filmy shirt and no bra.

But I’m happy to report that I have found several solutions. I’ve accumulated an arsenal of garments that make it impossible to tell whether one is wearing a bra or not. Key in this endeavor is something a bit oversized and in fabric with considerable heft and structure. I wish you many comfortable, braless days!

Hanes oversized nightshirt

Hanes Wear Around nightshirt, $11

This is a plus-sized garment, but it’s perfectly oversized if you’re not plus-sized but want something roomy. I also like to cut the neckline out with a sharp scissors for an off-shoulder situation. I wear it ALL THE TIME, and it comes in lots of other colors.

sleepy jones red white stripe pajama set

Sleepy Jones pajama set, $178

This one will come in very handy during the holiday season when there will be (hopefully) many a blissful day when one does not get dressed or leave the house at all.

green champion sweatshirt

Champion sweatshirt, $25

For something warmer, you can’t go wrong with these 100% cotton sweatshirts, which come in many colors. Again, I often cut the neck for comfort and shoulder-bearing.

cropped champion hoodie

This cropped hoodie version ($65) is also a good option.

vintage yellow 1960s cotton sweatshirt

Vintage 1960’s Goldwater a Go Go sweatshirt, $150

I always keep an eye out on Etsy and at thrift stores for 100% cotton sweatshirts specifically for this purpose. I would definitely keep the neck intact on this beauty.

opening ceremony logo tee

Opening Ceremony OC Uni Box Logo Tee, $75

T-shirts are a great option for braless days if they are substantial and 100% cotton. Bonus points if it has a large graphic on the front like this one for extra obstruction of what’s underneath. Thrift and vintage shops or Etsy are also great resources for this one!Van Halen vintage concert tee

Vintage Van Halen 80s concert tee, $50

Fleetwood Mac concert tee

Fleetwood Mac concert poster t-shirt, $15

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