Mean Reads: Salma Hayek is making a comedy about boobs need I say more

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Salma Hayek

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For us Gen X women, Covid is literally a waking nightmare []

Salma Hayek will star in a new HBO Max comedy series about boobs [Bazaar]

For Gen X, retirement both beckons and threatens during the pandemic [Insider Intelligence]

Biden’s agenda for women: A new gender policy council to be created [NPR]

I didn’t see the insidious ways women are held back—until I became a widow [The Washington Post]

The economist placing value on black women’s overlooked work [The New York Times]

More than 20 women arrested for role in capitol riot [CNN]

Three women playing major roles in Super Bowl 55 share same message: Get used to it [USA Today]

Bumble gave women more power in dating. Now it’s giving them more power in the boardroom [The Washington Post]

Why women can’t sleep is the new midlife crisis [Telegraph, subscription required]

Gen X’s money concerns outweigh those of Boomers: [Reverse Mortgage Daily]

The C8 Corvette has doubled in sales with Gen X [GM Authority]

‘Institutionalized’ is the most Gen X song of all [BoingBoing]

Op-Ed: Gen Z’s surprising optimism should give us hope [Chicago Tribune]

Recast ‘Friends’ to determine your generation: [Buzzfeed]

Designers outline trends across generations [Furniture, Lighting & Decor]

The sensory deprivation of lockdown [GEN on Medium]

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