Episode 31: Celebrate the Gray founder Stephanie O’Dell is a champion of 50+ models

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Celebrate the Gray Stephanie O'Dell

Audio editing by Sofija Jovanov

It’s episode 31! This week we speak to Stephanie O’Dell, founder of Celebrate the Gray, a full service agency for and about the 50-plus woman. Celebrate the Gray works to connect brands with her agency’s more than 40 models, bringing to the forefront real faces and authentic stories of what she calls “aging with power.”

Women are living longer, healthier lives, and advertising and messaging doesn’t reflect that.  After speaking with 1,000 of women over 50, she is  working to update the age diversity of models that advertisers use. “Women can’t be what they don’t see!”

If you’re starting to see more women with gray hair in fashion shows and in advertisements, you can thank Stephanie.


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